Microsoft Office 2013


Project Outline

Microsoft Office2013 was release last year and we have been trailing it in a number of classrooms and staff offices. There have been a number of improvements over the 2010 version. From end-user feedback and our commitment to making the latest versions of software available to end users, now is the time to upgrade across the College to Office 2013. You will find details of this rollout below.

Please check back occasionally as we will be updating this page as new features and project updates are available.


Proof of Concept

Project Timeline

We are planning to upgrade all Microsoft workstations across the College by September 2014.

Changes and Improvements in Office 2013

Although the look is very slightly different the options and general ease of use remains. It is a product that any one with experience of Office 2007 and or 2010 will be more than comfortable with.

• The interface is much cleaner allowing the user to focus on the content.

• Improved versions of all the main programs, allowing for easier document creation and slicker looking documents and presentations.

• It has full integration with Cloud based storage options such as Microsoft OneDrive (Formally SkyDrive) automatically set-up.

*nb Apple Mac version (Office2014) due for release at some point this year. We will trial this before rolling out.

Further Developments