Canon Print Project 2013

Print Project 2013


UPDATE 21/10/13

We are heading in to the final week of printer and photocopier roll-out, by the end of this week 25 oct 2013, all College buildings will have their new Printer and MFD devices.

We have listed some of the key points to assist you get the most from the new solution.

Enabling your smart card

To enable all users to print at Secure Release devices, your Smart ID Card will need to be registered with the uniFLOW print solution.

PassRegistration*click to zoom*

Login and release ‘FollowMe’ print jobs

To release FollowMeMono & FollowMeColour prints you will need to login into the MFD

Canon 1028i (Office MFD)

SecureRelease1028i*click to zoom*

Print & Copy Credits

As part of the new solution and in an effort to eliminate wasteful printing, all students will be given print credits / budget. Initially this figure will be estimated with the support of the sections, it will be a case of reviewing this to ensure the figure is correctly set at the start.

All students will get sufficient print credit/budget to allow them to carry out their studies.

If a print credit / budget has been used and the student requires more print then they will need to request this from the IT Service Desk or LRC. This will require authorisation from their tutor.

Staff will not have a print credit/budget assigned. All printing will be tracked and reportable on, budget holders will receive monthly reports on their areas prints spend.

Print Queues / Selecting printers & Multifunction Devices (MFD)

There are new print queues available to you from a college connected desktop & laptop devices. These will show up as an option on the printer drop down menu from office and other software packages.

1) Local Room Printer (*Printername* on PS3 (Canterbury) PS5 (Swale), Mapped printer in room for direct print, *only in classrooms*)

2) FollowMeMono (for secure release at an MFD’s)

3) FollowMeColour (for secure release at a Colour MFD’s)

4) FollowMeCopyshop (for large documents directly sent to Copyshop as a job request, via an Automated Job ticket portal)

Scan to Home Folder (T: Drive) | Scan to email

Canon 1028i (Office MFD)

Scan1028i*click to zoom*

Canon 5240 (Large MFD, LRC open access devices)

Scan5240*click to zoom*

Printer Toner

Print and photocopier toner is still available from the IT service desk and can be collect when required, you will need to note the location and model of your device before you can collect it. Toner is automatically ordered for each device.

Mobile Print (printing from personal Devices) *Information under review – details coming soon*

Specialist Printing *Information under review – details coming soon*


Photocopiers across the College are also being replaced by new devices. These new devices will have print and scan functionality and are know as Multi-Functional Devices (MFD’s). They will have secure release of print jobs and require you to login with your Smart Card or alternatively computer network username and password.

To make photocopies you will also be required to login to the device.

All existing Photocopiers will have direct replacement MDFs in the same locations, these will be installed alongside the printers (see the roll-out schedule for details of when)


There are 9 models in total being installed as part of the project. The vast majority are those devices shown below.



Mono A4 (Standard Classroom Printer)




Canon LBP 7780Cx – Colour A4 (Standard Classroom / Small Office Printer)




Canon irc1028i – Colour MFP (Small Office MFD)







Canon C5240i – Colour MFD (A3, A4 Open Access Areas and Large Staff Rooms)







Canon IPF6400 – Colour Wide Format Printing (Art and AutoCad)





Project Outline

After a significant and stringent Tendering process we have appointed Canon to provide the College with a new Printer and Photocopier hardware and management software. This solution will run for 3 years with a possible contract extension option available.

The new print management system will integrate with network accounts and will provide a whole host of new Print Services scan to email, mobile print, Print from USB job ticketing and secure release print on top of standard print and copy services.


One of the key aims is to reduce paper and toner waste by reducing unnecessary prints, this will achieved by tracking print and assigning users a print credit allowance. We are also reducing the number of printers across both campus’ (Canterbury & Swale), whilst still providing full print services to all areas, this is mainly achieved by replacing mono, colour printers and photocopiers that currently service one room with a single colour MDF (Multi-Function Device)

Project Timeline *click to zoom*

Print Project Timeline

Roll-out Schedule *click to zoom*


Printer Rationalisation

WHY – Printer and Photocopier hardware has been purchased in the past with no real strategy, often on the back of successful capital bids, changes to departments and for the delivery of new initiatives and courses. This has led to a hugely mixed number of models and types of devices all of varying quality and ability. The majority of Photocopiers are not networked and are used as standalone devices for basic copying. It’s common to have a number of different devices in the same offices and classrooms for basic print, copy and scanning.
WHAT – With the developments in printer and photocopier technologies and features, it’s possible now to rationalise these requirements into one multifunction device (MFD).
Therefore as part of the project the total number of devices in the college will reduce by a third down to 205 devices in total across both Canterbury and Swale Campus’
All Classroom IT suites that have a printer will have replacements installed and all staff offices will have multifunction devices. Specialist areas that have different print requirements will have either alternative or additional printers installed.
No old / existing printers will remain in classrooms or offices after the roll-out of the new Canon equipment. These devices will all be removed when the new devices are installed.