Upcoming Works

See below for our updated list of IT related works, some of these may affect user IT Service Availability.  Under-construction7As always please let us at the IT Service Desk know if you have any queries on these or other IT works.






Holiday Period ID Work Title Description  Dates Times (if applicable) Impact to end Users Additional Comments/Notes
Easter  1 Internet Upgrade Main Canterbury Campus Internet Connection Upgrade at CCCU to improve Network Resilience. Tuesday 29thMarch 07:00 – 09:00 Unable to send receive email, No access to wider Internet Resources. Work should take 10-15 minutes to complete.2 hr ‘at risk’ period assigned to cover any issues that may arise.
Easter  2 Exchange Upgrade 2016 Upgrade on premise College email servers to Microsoft Exchange 2016 to resolve long standing email reliability issues. StartingTues 29th MarchEstimated completionFri 1st April. During this period we will be preparing Exchange for upgrade. Although email downtime is not planned at this stage, Email services during the 1st week of Easter Holidays should be considered ‘At Risk’ of disruption.Should you experience an extended period of email disruption please contact the IT Service desk.
Easter  3 Moodle maintenance Move memcache service from Bloxx hardware to AWS ElastiCache Wednesday 30th March 09:00-11:00 VLE may be briefly unavailable during switch over. Should take 10-15 minutes to complete work.2 hr ‘at risk’ period assigned to cover any issues that may arise.
Easter  4 Wi-Fi survey Survey of new Wi-Fi equipment to ensure full coverage across Canterbury and Swale campus’ Wed 30th – Thurs 31st All day None(access to rooms)
Easter  5 Swale Phone System changes Changing hardware for phones in main block in Swale Brief intermittent downtime for phones in main Swale building. Each phone is likely to be down for 10 minutes during changeover.
 Easter  6  Laptop Refresh  A Block Laptop Trolleys  Starting Tues 29th March  Laptops in those areas will be removed, re-imaged and unavailable for use.
 Easter  7  Printer Management – relocation  Fleet management of high usage printers, reallocation of devices to prolong useable life.  Starting Tues 29th March  Where devices are being moved, users may need to release print jobs from other devices. As moves occur IT team will liaise with relevant departments.
 Easter  8  MDT Server Upgrade  To allow for deployment of Windows 10 images (when fully tested)  Starting Tues 29th March  None